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Plant Products Display
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Sometimes just seeing a well-presented picture is enough to teach a good agricultural lesson. And that’s exactly what the Plant Products Display in the kids’ section of the IQhub museum uses.

The IQhub wanted to teach visitors about seeds, plants, and plant products. Plants go into thousands of consumer goods, of course, but the connection between those products and the plants they come from isn’t always clear. Even with food sometimes: a box of cereal doesn’t exactly look like a head of wheat.

This display consists of a wall-mounted dashboard and kickboard with tractor wheels. With these wheels, visitors can rotate circular disks in the dashboard. Each disk features images of one particular plant at different stages of its life cycle — seed, plant, and products.

The display is built at perfect kid height so even small kids can reach the wheels. And its sturdy wood construction means it can stand up to lots of enthusiastic use.

Both simple and interactive, the Plant Products Display provides visitors with a fun way to learn about plants, the seeds they come from, and the products they make. Kids and parents alike can get a better idea of the ways agriculture relates to their everyday life.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for AgroLiquid’s IQhub.

  • Circular panels with images
  • Tractor wheels
  • Wooden dashboard and kickboard

Client: AgroLiquid / IQhub museum

Categories: Ag Museums, Agricultural Exhibit, Child Exhibit, Interactive Exhibit, IQ hub, Life Cycles

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