As the vibrant colors of fall fade into the crisp air of winter, New Mexico State University is proud to unveil an exciting addition to its educational arsenal: the 4H Trivia Tabletop Display! Developed in collaboration with 4H experts and educators, this product promises to engage with agricultural education and community outreach.

(You can view this new tabletop display on our catalog products page.)

Exploring the 4H Trivia Tabletop Display

This interactive and educational centerpiece is designed to engage and entertain while celebrating the rich history and values of 4H. This display features a beautifully crafted tabletop design adorned with captivating trivia questions, fun facts, and colorful illustrations highlighting the diverse aspects of 4H. Whether it’s a tradeshow, a school event, or a community fair, the 4H Trivia Tabletop Display brings people together, sparking lively conversations and fostering a deeper appreciation for the principles upheld by 4H. With its portable design, it’s easy to set up and enjoy anywhere, making it the perfect addition to any occasion where learning and fun go hand in hand.

Empowering Future Leaders

At New Mexico State University, they understand the importance of fostering connections and nurturing a love for learning within our communities. That’s why the 4H Trivia Tabletop Display isn’t just a product – it’s a catalyst for conversation, sparking discussions and igniting curiosity wherever it goes. Whether it’s a classroom setting, a county fair, or a community event, this display serves as a beacon of knowledge and fun for all ages.

One of the core missions of 4H is to empower youth to become confident, capable leaders in their communities. The 4H Trivia Tabletop Display is a testament to that mission, offering a dynamic platform for young minds to explore, engage, and grow. By making learning interactive and enjoyable, we hope to inspire the next generation of agricultural enthusiasts, innovators, and changemakers.