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The Dirt on Soil: Teaching Nutrient Management

In this environmentally aware age, teaching nutrient management plays an important role in helping consumers understand how modern farmers manage and steward the earth’s resources.

Teal graphic; text reads: "The Dirt on Soil: Teaching Nutrient Management."

(You can view this exhibit element on our custom products page.)

Showing Your Stewardship

Some consumers live under the impression that farmers don’t care about the earth. But, in truth, farmers take great steps to care for their surroundings. Consumers should be aware of the measures that farmers take to manage the earth’s resources. And, by teaching nutrient management principles, the agricultural industry can make this possible. They can help consumers see the high-tech nature of the science farmers must use to be good stewards of creation.

“The Dirt on Soil” Display

We really focused on getting this message across when we created the exhibit elements for AgroLiquid’s IQhub. One particular display—a large display called “The Dirt on Soil”—was given the principal task of teaching nutrient management. Mounted on two sides of a stand-alone wall, this series of signs and interactive touchscreen monitors teach about the innovation and research involved in caring for the soil. Both sides of the wall have four distinct sections with their own monitors and signage. The monitors feature videos, quizzes, and games that allow the visitors to learn various details related to soil nutrients.

With this element, we intended to communicate the highly technological and sophisticated nature of the subject. To do so, we gave the entire unit a very high-tech and modern look. The unique lighting features that we used especially complemented the concept of the highly modernized processes used in nutrient management.

As this display shows AgroLiquid visitors, modern agricultural workers put an incredible amount of effort into stewarding their resources. By helping consumers understand this, we can grow their trust in and support for the industry that works so hard to put food on their tables.