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Bring the Farm Inside: Farm-Themed Furniture for the Kids’ Exhibit

Functionality can come in fun packages. When it comes to storage units in your exhibit, that’s exactly what you want. And that’s exactly what we were going for with this farm-themed furniture for AgroLiquid’s kids’ exhibit.

Farm Furniture Post Promo(You can view these agricultural exhibits on our custom products page.)

Functionality and Artistry

In the kids’ section of AgroLiquid’s IQhub, we needed a way to store a TV monitor and some demonstration supplies. We also wanted to find a way to display some children’s books. There are plenty of ways to store and display these sorts of items using basic shelves and cabinets, but that sort of thing doesn’t really add to your exhibit. In fact, poorly placed storage units like that can take away from the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

We wanted to avoid using ugly or uninteresting shelves and cabinets. So we searched for a way to combine functionality and artistry as we put together a bookshelf, storage cabinet, and counter.

We ended up finding a way to turn these storage units into fun and colorful farm-themed furniture. They were the perfect additions to the kids’ room.

Supply Storage

Using graphics and some creativity, we transformed your average cabinet and counter into a cartoon barn, silo, and picket fence. While offering some additional storage space for the kids’ area of the exhibit, the cabinet also serves as a stand for a flat screen television, which can be used for presentations.

The countertop surface comes in handy for small group projects or activities. Since it also sits on a wheeled device, staff members can easily move it if necessary. The cabinet includes doors with locks, allowing the exhibit staff to safely store supplies and other items.

An Out-of-Doorsy Bookshelf

With some simple design elements, we also created a farm-themed furniture product that allowed our client to simultaneously store and display children’s books.

This custom-built bookshelf features a series of wooden shelves arranged like tree branches. Semicircle wall mount shelves hung beneath the “branches” give the appearance of fruit while also offering additional space for storing books or other objects appropriate to the exhibit.

Large acrylic leaves near the ceiling create a unique canopy over a corner bench. AgroLiquid also purchased additional fruit-shaped beanbags to surround the foot of the bookshelf tree. This creative piece transforms an average corner into a fun spot to relax and read.