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The Early Years at AgroLiquid: A Fertilizer Production Display


Bucket Brigade Promo

Our customer AgroLiquid wanted a display in the IQhub that would tell the story of the business’ early years. All we had to do was enlist some mannequins to help us tell AgroLiquid’s history in one nice fertilizer production display.

(You can view this agricultural exhibit on our custom products page.)


Looking Back in Time

If your organization has a history, it’s a good idea to think about how to share that history with others. One option is to simply recreate a scene of a foundational or pivotal event from your early years. If that’s the route you want to go, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to our creativity and a couple lifelike human figures, we have the ability to practically recreate a moment in time.

Recreating the past with this sort of exhibit element invites visitors into your past. It allows your customers to feel more familiar with how you started and what you do. Plus it offers them an interesting new scene and new information to ponder.


History in 3D

We put together this kind of an exhibit for AgroLiquid’s IQhub. All the lifelike parts of this fertilizer production display work together to bring visitors back in time, showing them how the fertilizer company first began.

The display has two high walls, and they’re made to look like a shed. The other two sides of the partial shed stand open. Because of this, visitors can look into the shed at the events taking place. The interior contains a combination of lifelike reproductions and digital monitors playing media. Two mannequins appear to be mixing solution in large buckets, and a large sign explains the significance of this three-dimensional picture.

In the windows of the shed, TV monitors play videos of things happening “outside.” On the other side of the shed structure, the same windows play other media of AgroLiquid employees working in a lab. Visitors can watch the process as if they’re looking through a window.

This immersive exhibit allows visitors to feel like they have stepped back in history. They get to see what early AgroLiquid workers once did to make their innovative fertilizers.