Red graphic; text reads, "All-Out Ag Theme: Agriculture-Themed Trade Show Furniture."

What’s the first thing on your mind when you go to an agricultural trade show? Your list of booths to visit? Your elevator pitch? What the food will be like? Agriculture-themed trade show furniture?

Whatever your answer, we’re betting it’s not that last one. And we’re not about to argue that your trade show booth’s furniture should be the first thing on your mind. It should definitely be something you think about, though.

Why? Because trade show furniture is your secret weapon when it comes to taking your booth’s agriculture-themed displays over the top.

Of course you want to make sure you have good product samples — that’s the main focus in a trade show, after all. But some distinctive furniture can really set your booth apart. Especially when it’s agriculture-themed, like these three pieces.

(You can see more photos of the Engagement Table, the Display Crates, and the LED-Lit Display Crates on our custom products page.)

Display Crates for Agriculture-Themed Trade Show

Sure, we know agriculture is increasingly high-tech. But that doesn’t change the fact that a rustic or weathered aesthetic says “farming” to most folks. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing: rustic can look pretty cool, like these display crates.

Exhibit Farm Booth Crates (trade show furniture)

We painted and distressed the wood to give it a weathered look, but the crates aren’t worn at all. They’re quite sturdy, in fact. But don’t worry — they’re also hollow, so they’re easy to move and ship. And with all the space on top, your product samples will have plenty of room to stand out.

Rustic LED-Lit Display Crates

These display crates take the design of the first crates a step further. They’ve got the same rustic appearance and the same opportunity to add your logo, but they also include light-up elements. Brightly-lit objects are more likely to catch people’s eyes, after all.

For starters, the logo can light up, making your branding shine across a crowded hall. More importantly, though, we put lights underneath the top of the crates, meaning your product samples can be illuminated from below. It’s like each one has its own personal spotlight, with no extra lights or rigging needed. And the differing height levels just add one more visual contrast to catch people’s eyes.

Exhibit Farm LED-Lit Display Crates (trade show furniture)

What’s more, the LED-lit crates are the perfect size to stack inside the larger display crates, if you have one of those too. That way, you get maximum efficiency for storage and shipping.

A Corny, Agriculture-Themed Engagement Table

We really went over the top when we designed this particular piece of agriculture-themed trade show furniture. Literally. The top is filled with real corn kernels (treated to keep them in place and safe from bugs).

Why fill a tabletop with corn kernels? It’s unique, for one thing. For another, it’s a great conversation starter. When we take it to trade shows, people strolling past our booth often do a double take and even stop to look closer. “Is that real corn?” is usually their first question, which gives us an opening to explain why we care enough about agriculture to make it part of our furniture.

Exhibit Farm Engagement Table (trade show furniture)

Nor is corn the only crop this could work with. If soybeans or sorghum’s your favorite, there’s no reason your tabletop couldn’t hold that instead.

Just to add even more eye-catching potential, we included space for your logo on the front of the engagement table and wired the lights so that they can shift through a rainbow of colors. Or you can set it to shine in only one color, if multicolored lights are just too much visual appeal. But is there any such thing when it comes to trade shows?