Beef Cow Display

  • The tabletop beef cow display isolated on white background
  • Closeup of the cow graphics and two rows of flip-up fact panels
  • A hand lifting one of the Q&A panels on the tabletop beef cow display

Beef Cow Display


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This lightweight and portable tabletop display offers some fun facts about beef cattle and the beef industry. Interactive elements include eight liftable panels with trivia questions and/or a wheel visitors can spin to read facts.  The display is available in single-sided or double-sided versions.

PVC board core with custom printed vinyl. Measures at 35 by 25 inches. Display is 1 inch thick. Rotating stand pieces measure at 12 inches long. Weighs approximately 10 pounds total.

Each product is made to order.

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Most beef cows are pretty beefy. But not this tabletop beef cow. In fact, you can practically carry it under your arm. Don’t underestimate it based on its size, though. That’s a perk — its portability lets it go places that a real cow couldn’t go, like an exhibit hall, a school, or really anywhere you can set up a table.

Like our tabletop dairy cow display, the portable beef cow display brings a cute and appealing element to your exhibits.  But it’s not just a cute face. It’s also a powerful educational tool.

Multiple interactive elements on the display offer some fun facts about beef cattle and the beef industry. With eight flip-up Q&A panels, the small cow-shaped display engages heads and hands. Each flip-up panel has an intriguing trivia question, such as “How many human medicines come from cattle?” Folks can quiz themselves and then lift the panels to check the answers underneath. (Cattle contribute ingredients to about 100 medicines, in case you were wondering.)

On the other side, there’s a wheel with more fun beef facts printed on it. People can spin the wheel to uncover new facts. Having two sides gives you more options for engaging visitors.

A Customizable Cow

What if you just don’t need the extra display power of the double-sided display? Not a problem. We can make this display in single-sided or double-sided versions. (The one pictured is a single-sided version, for example.) You just choose whether you want the flip-up doors or the fact wheel, and we’ll make it happen.

We designed the beef cow display to make it easy to transport to fairs and other events. Its small size, lightweight elements, and simple assembly make it easy to move the display from place to place. And, thanks to its stabilizing feet, it can stand alone on a tabletop.

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