Corn-Themed Tilt Table Game

  • Two men playing the corn maze tilt table game
  • Overhead view of the tilt table game, showing the golf ball rolling through the maze
  • The underside of the tilt table game, showing the gas shocks that let it rotate
  • Closeup of corn facts between walls of maze

Corn-Themed Tilt Table Game



  • This corn-themed game challenges 2-4 players to tilt the table until the provided ball reaches the middle of the maze. Meanwhile, the maze’s graphics share facts about corn and its uses. The top of our tilt table game is a maze where the goal is to move a golf ball from the edge into the middle. Players take one of the four handles around the edge. The, they cooperate to tilt the table until the ball rolls in the right direction. The maze table is mounted on gas springs, allowing it to tilt easily in 360 degrees. You might be surprised how quickly the table responds, in fact!
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  • Assembled Size: 36” x 36” x 30” tall
  • Boxed Size: 30” x 27” x 16”
  • Weight: about 50 pounds
  • Material: PVC core board with vinyl attached to steel base with gas shocks

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