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Soil Testing Displays
Silver unit holding multi-colored test tubes displays info about testing soil pH levels.

Midwest Labs offers a wide variety of ag-focused laboratory services. So they asked us to create two displays about soil testing options, to help their staff explain how they can help farmers.

The displays needed to present a lot of information. But, of course, Midwest Labs also wanted them to look good at trade shows and events. The first display we came up with explains the basics of soil testing. It mimics a soil column: the two rotating boxes have background graphics of healthy soil, and the display’s topper sports a layer of fake grass.

The display uses photos and graphics to explain things like different soil types and the major plant nutrients. It also has info panels breaking down the services included in Midwest Labs’ most popular soil testing packages.

The second display explains pH soil tests. Its most eye-catching feature is the two racks of test tubes along the top, showing how pH tests work. The rainbow-spectrum rack represents a simple pH test, while the blue-gradient rack represents a test to determine phosphorus levels. The graphics below the test tubes show what pH or phosphorus levels are associated with which colors.

Now, when Midwest Labs goes to trade shows, their staff will have some engaging conversation pieces when they talk to prospects. And which do you think is more memorable: a brochure listing services, or a display explaining the same material with bright graphics and interactive elements?

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Midwest Laboratories.

  • Tabletop display with rotating boxes
  • pH display
  • Acrylic-filled test tubes

Client: Midwest Laboratories

Categories: Agribusiness, Ag Science, Agricultural Exhibit, Cash Crops, Crop Production, Farm Bureaus, Sustainable Ag

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