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Soil Science Displays
Closeup of the front panels of the soil science displays

Farmers have to think about soil health all the time, but consumers don’t. That’s one reason our clients at Farmamerica, an agriculture museum and farm center, wanted two displays to explain some aspects of soil science.

Each of our displays has two sides, doubling the exhibit space. One unit has information about different tillage methods on one side, accompanied by a sandbox with two toy tractors. Kids can “plow” the sand and notice the difference in the furrow patterns they make. On the back, the unit has trivia questions about soil with the answers hidden under flip-up doors.

The front of the second display discusses different soil types. Beneath the info panel are three soil sampling tubes that visitors can lift to reveal three cores of artificial soil. Each core represents a different type of soil: sand, clay, and loam. On the back of that display, meanwhile, visitors can spin a wheel explaining how rotations with cover crops can improve soil health.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Farmamerica.

  • Flip-up panels
  • Tractors & sandbox
  • Artificial soil cores
  • Graphic panels

Client: Farmamerica — The Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center

Categories: Ag Museums, Ag Science, Agricultural Display, Child Exhibit, Demonstration, Interactive Exhibit, Sustainable Ag

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