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Cuts of Pork Meat Display
Side view of Ohio Pork's display of faux cuts of pork meat.

Cuts of faux pork meat might cause some double takes. But that’s what makes them so good for attracting attention at events. We’ve had multiple clients ask us to create realistic models of pork meat so they can reach their audience of consumers or pork industry professionals more effectively.

Our clients at NutriQuest don’t raise pigs, but they provide feeds and other products to pig farmers. Their sales teams try to show the impact of meat quality in order to explain how NutriQuest’s pig feeds improve meat quality and lead to higher sale prices for farmers. They used to take actual cuts of meat to events, but as you might imagine, that got messy.

NutriQuest asked us to create a collection of faux pork meat cuts they could display instead. First, they wanted a display to show how one common evaluation of pork belly firmness works. So we engineered two pieces of artificial pork meat showing different firmnesses. Like all our lifelike reproductions, our fake meat is highly realistic. One of the faux meat pieces is properly firm, and the other is noticably limp.

NutriQuest also asked for other fake meat displays. One of them shows different levels of marbling within pork chops. Another shows how meat quality affects sausages. The lower-quality sausages have “greased out,” leaving artificial fat inside the package, while the other faux sausages are free from extra grease.

Ohio Pork also wanted a display of faux cuts of pork to take to an event.  But their event was consumer-focused, not industry-focused. They wanted to introduce consumers at the Ohio State Fair to all the different pork cuts available to them.

So, we created a display with over ten artificial pork cuts.  They ranged from familiar cuts like bacon and ham to lesser-known ones like ham shank, blade steak, and pork tenderloin. As with NutriQuest’s displays, every piece of faux pork meat was crafted with high attention to detail. Our craftsmen successfully recreated fat layers, marbling, and even bones.

Ohio Pork’s display of fake pork meat cuts even includes a butcher’s chart. That way, consumers can make the connection from the farm animal to the food they enjoy.

Project Description

The creative concepts for these displays were first developed for NutriQuest and Ohio Pork Council.

  • Faux pork meat
  • Display unit

Clients: NutriQuest, Ohio Pork Council

Categories: Ag Science, Agribusiness, Agricultural Display, Demonstration, Lifelike Reproduction, Livestock, Portable Exhibit

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