Hemp Life Cycle Display

  • Green wall-mount display with a rotating wheel showing the life cycle of industrial hemp
  • Hand turning the wheel to show the transition from hemp seedlings to fully-grown industrial hemp plants
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Hemp Life Cycle Display


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By turning the wheel, people can follow the life cycle of industrial hemp as it moves from seed to product. This wall-mount display features crisp graphics and an internal steering mechanism.

Birch ply core with formica laminate and adhesive vinyl. Real tractor steering wheel. Measures at 27 inches wide by 35 inches tall. The display can be mounted on the wall to accommodate any height.

Each product is made to order.

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Industrial hemp is a growing commodity. It’s also an unfamiliar one to many people, whether farmers or consumers. But this life cycle display gives you a way to introduce people to industrial hemp and clarify what it produces.

Some visitor will almost certainly ask you if industrial hemp is the same as marijuana.  It’s not; it’s actually a different variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. Industrial hemp has only low levels of THC, the chemical that causes marijuana’s psychoactive properties.

Instead, industrial hemp offers oil and fiber for a wide variety of industrial uses.  People can make paper, fabrics, insulation, carpeting, and more from hemp fibers. The oil, meanwhile, is used as a cooking oil or as an ingredient in cosmetics or soaps.  There’s even a construction material called hempcrete that uses hemp products.

Introducing Industrial Hemp’s Full Life Cycle

So how does this display help you explain industrial hemp?  Well, it uses photos to show hemp’s life cycle, starting from the seedling stage. Other photos show a field of mature hemp plants and a combine harvesting dried hemp. The last photo shows a collage of products made with industrial hemp. As the display header says, it truly shows the life cycle of industrial hemp “from seed to product.”

All these photos take up different segments of a circular panel. By turning the repurposed tractor wheel attached to the panel, your visitors can spin the panel and see hemp’s life cycle in order.

We build the life cycle display out of sturdy birch plywood panels and cover the front with a scuff-guard laminate. This makes it a durable choice for museums where lots of people will interact with the display.

If you like the concept of this display, you should know that it works just as well for other commodities too. We’ve made life cycle displays for several other cash crops as well. You can check them all out on this page.

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