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VSU’s Agricultural Exhibit Trailer
VSU agricultural exhibit trailer with sections slid out and sunshades put up.

At over forty feet long, this exhibit trailer for Virginia State University was the largest we’d ever handled at the time.  As a joint project between the VSU College of Agriculture and the Virginia Cooperative Extension, the agricultural exhibit trailer would cover a lot of subjects.

The funders wanted to impress consumers with all the tech-savvy advancements farmers use.  And they wanted to show how improved farming processes have led to increased sustainability.

With six main exhibit areas and at least eleven separate displays, this trailer didn’t skimp.  Two built-in kiosks offer virtual reality tours of half a dozen Virginia farms.  One large section explores the technology of modern farming — how it’s changed over time and how it improves sustainability.  Two displays highlight how raw commodities become everyday products.

Some of the displays feature information specific to Virginia.  A MyPlate display similar to the one we made for Macomb County Farm Bureau’s trailer highlights locally-grown Virginian foods.  Across from it, a unique light-up exhibit invites people to watch videos about the different agricultural regions in Virginia.

Certain sections of the trailer slide out when it’s parked, making it surprisingly roomy inside.  It’s also air-conditioned, so it won’t be stifling in Virginia’s hot summers.

With the colorful, highly-interactive, and cutting-edge exhibits in their agricultural exhibit trailer, VSU can vividly demonstrate the dynamic nature of modern ag.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Virginia State University’s College of Agriculture.

  • Exhibit design
  • VR filming and setup
  • Custom fabrication

Client: Virginia State University College of Agriculture and Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Categories: Ag Colleges, Ag Science, Agricultural Exhibit, Exhibit Trailer, Interactive Exhibit, Sustainable Ag

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