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PanelPACK Display Towers
Three Assembled PANELPacks

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The Indiana Farm Bureau wanted something tall, portable, and easy to assemble for a fair display. So we engineered these PanelPACK display towers. The stackable panels feature high-quality images and fun facts about state agriculture.

Each panel has rounded corners, notches, and printed graphics. Each set of panels comes with Four additional small stabilizing boards. The notches at the four corners of each panel latch into the notches of the other panels so that they can stack on top of one another. Sometimes the staff needs a ladder in order to position the final few panels. But putting together the towers requires no additional tools. Once assembled, the tower reaches over eight feet in height and is both stable and sturdy.

To enable ease in transportation, we provided our client with an additional storage case that could hold and carry the disassembled tower panels. The final disassembled product is easy to carry, transport, and set up, making it the perfect addition to temporary or traveling agriculture exhibits.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Indiana Farm Bureau’s fair exhibit.

  • Ten square panels
  • Images and text
  • Four small stabilizing panels

Client: Indiana Farm Bureau

Categories: Farm Bureau Display, Portable Exhibit, Sign Series

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