Single-Player Ag Trivia Game

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Single-Player Ag Trivia Game


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Unlike our other trivia games, this agriculture-themed trivia game is designed for a single player. It comes with two difficulty levels: one for kids and one for adults. The content and design can be fully customized to fit your group’s preferences.

We also offer trivia games about a variety of more specific topics, including pork, dairy, soybeans, cotton, and dry beans. You can order a custom design that matches your industry by contacting us at

Birch ply core with formica laminate and custom printed vinyl. Light-up buttons, speaker, and sound effects included. Measures at 21.5 by 25.5 by 23 inches. Weighs 50 pounds total. Includes a 19 inch industrial monitor and a solid state CPU drive.

Each product is made to order.

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Most of our agriculture-themed trivia games assume two people will play. For most setups, it’s perfect. You can encourage your visitors to compete against each other, having fun and learning at the same time. But maybe you’d rather have visitors compete against themselves. That’s exactly what this single-player ag trivia game is for.

Iowa Farm Bureau initially requested this version to take to their state fair. They planned to challenge visitors with questions to win prizes.  But rather than make people compete against each other, with only one winner, they wanted to encourage everyone to answer questions until they got enough right answers to earn a prize.

Of course, the crowd at a state fair includes everybody from city kids to professional farmers. Iowa Farm Bureau wanted their game to engage everybody, so they also asked us to include two sets of questions with different difficulty levels. One set, meant for kids, asks questions like, “Which animal provides us with bacon?” The set for adults has more technical questions, such as, “A 3-oz serving of beef provides what percentage of your recommended daily protein?”

The Technical Specs

If any of the pre-written questions don’t suit your fancy, we make it easy for you to edit and change the questions on your trivia game. You can do so by removing the memory card from the game and slipping it into your computer. Then simply open up the file in Microsoft Excel and enter your corrections. As long as you can use Excel, you should be good to go.

The unit is equipped with a 19 inch industrial monitor and a solid state CPU drive. And the single-player ag trivia game’s compact size makes it easy to transport and store.

If you’re curious about our two-player options, just check out this page showing all our trivia games.

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