Modern Ag Kids Photo Op

  • The modern ag kids' photo op and standup isolated on white background
  • Closeup of fact panel about data analysis in modern ag
  • Closeup of fact panel about farmers' use of smartphone technology
  • Closeup of fact panel about how farmers protect the environment

Modern Ag Kids Photo Op


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This kid-size standup shares facts about modern ag and the high-tech tools modern farmers use.  Kids can raise the flip-up doors to reveal info panels below.  Photo op holes provide another fun way to interact with the display.

PVC board core with custom printed vinyl. Aluminum tube frame. Measures at 40 inches by 60 inches. Weighs approximately 15 pounds.

Each product is made to order.

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Introducing kids to modern ag is one of the best things you can do for the future of farming.  Most American kids grow up without any firsthand experience of farming, so it’s important to show them what careers in agriculture are really like. Part of the next generation needs to become farmers if we want to keep having food, after all.

Despite how important ag education is, you don’t always have to sound serious.  Sometimes, a playful approach works too — especially when you’re dealing with kids.  That’s where this standup display comes in handy.

We already offered the Modern Ag Worker standup, which explains how high-tech modern ag is.  But it’s aimed at teenagers and adults, not elementary school kids.  When a children’s museum contacted us about some new displays for their farm exhibit, they liked the standup’s content, but they wanted a more kid-friendly vibe.

Same Modern Ag Facts, More Kid-Friendly

Our designers resized the original standup, so the new one is more kid-size.  And they created some fun, brand-new graphics to make it more appealing to kids.  But just like the Modern Ag Worker standup, the Modern Ag Kids explain facts about today’s ag industry that most people don’t know.

The display sports an image of two cartoon farmers carrying tools for precision ag — smartphones, tablets, and drones.  A flip-up panel highlights each of those pieces of tech.  The text under each panel explains how, far from being behind the times, modern agriculture uses high-tech tools and extensive data analysis. Other panels discuss how farmers often pursue advanced educations and work to protect the environment.

The display also has two face cutout spots so kids can take a picture smiling through it. Now, our clients have a fun photo op for their museum’s visitors, and a new way to share facts about modern ag with the kids.

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