Farm to Store Activity

  • Display with three rows of rotating wheels that show ag products from farm to store
  • Side view of triangular farm to store display, showing two sides
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Farm to Store Activity


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This hands-on activity challenges people to match the ag commodity to the consumer goods. Visitors spin the independently-rotating wheels until they’ve found the two products that come from the animal or plant in question.

Unit stands approximately six feet tall. Mounted on castors.

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The ag industry provides way more than just food. But consumers don’t always recognize all the ways agriculture impacts their everyday lives. That’s where this farm to store activity comes in handy.

The display features rows of three independently-rotating wheels with pictures of ag commodities and of everyday foods or household goods. It challenges visitors to line the wheels up correctly so that they match the ag commodity to the right products. For example, one row of wheels starts with a cow, which matches with a carton of milk and a milkshake.

In some cases, it’s harder to see the connection between the farm and the store product.  One row of wheels features a duck, which matches with a down pillow and an eiderdown jacket. So just in case visitors can’t figure out the correct matches on their own, each picture has a colored border. We color-coded the borders so that the photos that go together have the same border color. This visual hint helps people check their guesses and identify which products go with which commodities.

Putting the Activity to Work

Each row of wheels has three segments. The display itself, meanwhile, has three sides.  And lastly, each side of the display has three rows of wheels — it’s a lot of threes!  That means that the display as a whole includes twenty-seven sets of ag commodities and consumer products.

This display does not disassemble into smaller parts, but it is mounted on castors to make moving it easier. It’s light enough for one person to push it easily.

Giving people an activity to show how products move from farm to store is a vivid reminder of the incredible variety of products that farms contribute to.  The hands-on nature of it can help people remember it better. And that means they’ll have a better understanding of how important farming is.

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