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Tabletop Dairy Trivia Game
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Customized for the Dairy Alliance, this tabletop trivia game is complete with cute cows, a catchy tune, and some funky sound effects.

This gaming unit is the perfect tool for testing consumers’ agricultural knowledge. Using an Excel spreadsheet stored on the unit’s memory card, the folks at the Dairy Alliance can load their own dairy trivia. When a game starts, the program randomly shuffles through the trivia questions as consumers battle to select the right answers first. They can select their answers by hitting one of the three bright buttons on their respective sides. The first one with ten correct answers wins.

The compact size of the game makes it easier to transport and store. To turn it on, they just need to plug it in and flip a switch. From there, players can go crazy with their knowledge of U.S. dairy cows.

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Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Dairy Alliance.

  • 19 inch industrial monitor
  • Solid state CPU drive
  • Kiosk structure
  • Speaker with adjustable volume

Client: The Dairy Alliance

Categories: Electronic Games, Interactive Exhibit, Learning Games, Portable Exhibit

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