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Tabletop Dairy Cow Standup

Tabletop Dairy Cow StandupWant to buy your own tabletop dairy cow standup? Check out its page in our catalog.

This compact, portable tabletop display offers some fun facts about the dairy industry. It’s not just a sign, though. With simple interactive elements, the small cow cutout engages heads and hands. Folks quiz themselves with the questions on the panels and can check the answers underneath by lifting the doors. On the other side of the cutout, others can spin the wheel to learn some fast facts about dairy cows and dairy farmers. With its small size and lightweight elements, this cutout display is easy to bring from place to place. Although the Exhibit Farm booth featured this cow shape and theme, you can apply the same mechanical elements to a design for another farm animal or crop. This display will bring a colorful accent to any trade show booth.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Juneau Dairy Promotion Council.

  • Sintra boards
  • Colorful graphics
  • Custom text
  • Rotating metal stands

Client: Exhibit Farm

Categories: Trade Show

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