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“Sustainability of Grain Farming” Displays
Text panels and displays about the sustainability of grain farming.

Lots of consumers have questions about the sustainability of grain farming. So Grain Farmers of Ontario wanted to make sure they talked about those concerns in their exhibit trailer.  This window exhibit gives their answers.

At the back of the window, three panels use bullet points and appealing graphics to give an overview of the big picture. They explain why Ontario’s grain farmers care about protecting the environment.

Below the panels, three displays go into more detail. The first one consists of two hexagonal columns. Visitors can spin them to find info about sustainability along every step of the food supply chain.

Next to it, five flip-up panels offer facts about different areas of sustainability. Whether the topic is pesticide use or tillage methods, they give consumers a more in-depth look at some specifics.

Lastly, three soil profiles show the difference cover crops make to water quality. They’re accompanied by a touchscreen monitor with video content about grain farming’s sustainability.

By tackling some hot-button agriculture issues head-on, this exhibit helps Grain Farmers of Ontario build trust. They can prove they’re a good source of information about farming, while helping consumers understand this important topic more fully.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Grain Farmers of Ontario.

  • Graphic panels
  • Rotating hexagonal columns
  • Flip-up panels
  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Cover crop display

Client: Grain Farmers of Ontario

Categories: Ag Science, Cash Crops, Crop Production, Exhibit Trailer, Sustainable Ag

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