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Pull-Apart Corn Kernel Model
Half of corn kernel model with one piece attached

With the pull-apart corn kernel, consumers get to go beneath the surface of their food and understand more about what goes into it. One side is solid, while the other half holds three elements nested inside each other. Magnets hold each detachable piece to the solid half.

Similar to our other corn kernel model, this pull-apart version shows the internal structure of the corn kernel. It goes into even more detail, though, offering people the chance to break it down into individual components.

The seed embryo is the smallest piece. The pericarp arches over it, representing the part of the seed containing nutrients for when the embryo sprouts. Lastly, the hull fits over both the pericarp and embryo, protecting the inner kernel.

For more details and the technical specs, visit the kernel’s page in our online catalog.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for DeKalb County Farm Bureau.

  • 3D corn kernel
  • Informational graphics

Client: DeKalb County Farm Bureau

Categories: Ag Science, Agricultural Display, Cash Crops, Child Exhibit, Corn, Demonstration, Farm Bureaus, Interactive Exhibit, Portable Exhibit

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