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“Nutrition of Whole Grains” Displays
Info panels about whole grains' role in healthy diets.

Nutritional guidelines agree: whole grains are an important part of healthy diets. But dozens of fad diets say grains are bad for you. Plus, people are often confused about whether gluten is harmful to everyone or not. Grain Farmers of Ontario wanted to address these problems with a display about the nutrition of whole grains.

The display — which fills a window in their exhibit trailer — consists of three info panels. The first one explains what a whole grain is. It also includes a diagram showing the parts of a whole grain kernel.

The second panel explains the nutritional benefits of whole grains. It also suggests ways to eat whole grains. Below this panel, a recipe book lets people flip through to find inspiration and ideas for cooking whole grains. Nearby, another display challenges people to match photos of grain foods to the raw grains they come from.

The last info panel debunks some common myths about grains. It explains that only gluten-sensitive people need to avoid certain grains, because gluten doesn’t harm most people. It also addresses concerns about grains’ effects on weight gain and blood sugar.

With this display, Grain Farmers of Ontario is well-equipped to explain the nutrition of whole grains. They’ll be able to dispel some consumers’ worries about grain foods. And, even better, they can show people all the nutritional benefits whole grains can bring.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Grain Farmers of Ontario.

  • Graphic panels
  • ``Book`` of recipes
  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Rotating photo wheels

Client: Grain Farmers of Ontario

Categories: Cash Crops, Exhibit Trailer

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