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Lifelike Replica of an R1 Soybean Plant
R1 Soybean Plant Model

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This plant model is a part of a larger summer project for the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee. We created this set of soybean plants to show the plant at four different stages of growth. Making this plant required close study of soybean plant characteristics at the R1 flowering stage. Our team of “plant artists” found a way to recreate the purple soybean flowers, the growing leaves, and the distinct soybean plant fuzz.

Displayed on a wooden base with a removable plastic case, these models accompany Michigan Soybean staff to educational gatherings for consumers and growers alike.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee.

  • A soybean plant in the R1 growth stage
  • Fabricated soil base
  • Plastic case with lid

Client: Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee

Categories: Ag Science, Crop Production, Lifelike Reproduction, Portable Exhibit

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