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Lifelike Replica of a Corn Plant (Exposed Roots)
Full-size photo of lifelike corn plant replica, showing the stalk, leaves, tassel, and exposed roots

North Central Iowa Ag in the Classroom needed some corn plants with exposed roots for their education efforts. Our artificial corn plants are pretty lifelike already. But they become even more lifelike when the root systems are included. This version of our popular corn plant models comes with artificial roots attached to the sturdy metal base. Additionally, the stalk separates into two pieces for easier transportation and storage.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for North Central Iowa Ag in the Classroom.

  • Artificial corn plant
  • Artificial roots

Client: North Central Iowa Ag in the Classroom

Categories: Agricultural Display, Corn, Crop Production, Demonstration, Lifelike Reproduction

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