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Lifelike Corncob Models
Six lifelike corncob models arranged in a ring, representing popcorn, field corn, and sweet corn

As part of its consumer education efforts, the North Dakota Corn Utilization Council gives presentations at elementary schools around the state. Part of their presentation involves letting the kids hold ears of corn so they can both see and feel the differences between the different varieties.

Since real ears of corn tended to get damaged and messy by the time they made it around the class, the Council asked us to make some artificial corncobs. These models preserve the lifelike details of each kind of corncob while being much more durable.

Visit the corncob models’ catalog page for more details!

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the North Dakota Corn Utilization Council.

  • Artificial ears of field corn
  • Artificial ears of sweet corn
  • Artificial ears of popcorn

Client: North Dakota Corn Utilization Council

Categories: Agricultural Display, Corn, Demonstration, Interactive Exhibit, Lifelike Reproduction, Portable Exhibit

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