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Kiosks for VR Ag Experiences
Angled view of two kiosks for virtual reality ag experiences.

Virginia is home to many kinds of farmers. Virginia State University (VSU) wanted to introduce people to some of them using immersive virtual reality experiences.  So we traveled around Virginia to interview farmers and capture 360º footage. Then we built two eyecatching kiosks to host these VR ag experiences.

Our in-house filming capability meant that VSU never had to worry about the technological side of things.  We recorded interviews with each farmer so they could tell consumers about themselves and their commodity.  In all, we interviewed half a dozen farmers — representing aquaculture, specialty crops, timber, dairy, and beef.  At each farm, we also shot 360º footage for the VR experience.

Meanwhile, while the filming crew processed the footage and programmed the VR headsets, our craftsmen built the kiosks for people to view the VR tours.  Unlike our tabletop VR stations, these kiosks are a built-in solution.  In this case, built into VSU’s exhibit trailer.

We designed panels with a photo collage and bright orange graphics, making it easy for the tours to catch people’s attention.  After all, we want as many consumers as possible to experience agriculture.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Virginia State University’s College of Agriculture.

  • Two kiosks
  • Attract screens
  • Graphic panels

Client: Virginia State University’s College of Agriculture and Virginia Cooperative Extension

Categories: Ag Colleges, Agricultural Exhibit, Exhibit Trailer

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