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Interactive Seed Identification Display
The seed identification station in an outside segments of an exhibit trailer.

Many consumers give little thought to the state of their food before it appears on their fork. Most have no idea what their favorite fresh foods looked like as seeds.

The hands-on seed identification display, “What Will I Grow Into?” gives visitors the opportunity to examine the seeds of common plants that appear in their everyday diets. It gives them a glimpse into the world of agriculture that’s behind their food.

The seed identification display is one of the exterior stations in the Genesee County Farm Bureau’s mobile ag trailer.  A series of covered buckets invites visitors to reach inside and pull out a handful of seeds. Then, flip-up signs identify the plants that grow from each type of seed on display.

The display is designed to be flexible in terms of which crops are highlighted. Staff can fill the plastic buckets with any variety of seed. And the adjustable sign frames allow them to insert customized signs beneath the lightweight “Lift Here” panels.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Genesee County Farm Bureau.

  • Plastic buckets to hold seeds
  • Changeable sign holders
  • Lift panels
  • TV monitor

Client: Genesee County Farm Bureau

Categories: Agricultural Display, Cash Crops, Crop Production, Exhibit Trailer, Farm Bureaus, Interactive Exhibit

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