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Integrated Pest Management Display
The Integrated Pest Management display flanked by two displays about agricultural technology.

Sustainably using crop protection inputs is a growing priority for farmers. And many of them use Integrated Pest Management systems to achieve that goal. Most consumers have never even heard of IPM, though.  Virginia State University wanted to change that with a display explaining Integrated Pest Management and its role in sustainable ag.

This display fits into a section about agritech in VSU’s exhibit trailer. Our designers created a informational panel with backlit highlights to explain how IPM works.  Two paragraphs at the top of the display introduce IPM’s basic concept of preventing crop damage without eradicating all pests.  Each of the backlit panels, meanwhile, walks through a step in an Integrated Pest Management system.

The first three panels, titled “Prevent,” “Identify,” and “Decide,” explain the decision-making process farmers go through while they’re evaluating whether and how to treat a crop. The last two panels (“Action” and “Monitor”) discuss some specific IPM strategies. It emphasizes how IPM creates a holistic management plan (rather than relying on one and done treatments).

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Virginia State University’s College of Agriculture.

  • Light-up info panels

Client: Virginia State University College of Agriculture and Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Categories: Agribusiness, Ag Colleges, Ag Science, Agricultural Exhibit, Cash Crops, Exhibit Trailer, Farm Bureaus, Sign Series, Sustainable Ag

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