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Farm Maze Game
Two men playing the farm maze game in front of an exhibit tent

What if you could have a portable corn maze you could take to events on or off the farm? That’s the inspiration behind this maze game.

Four handles around the edge of the maze invite kids to grab ahold and work together to tilt the table back and forth. Players cooperate to roll the ball into the center of the maze. And as they’re watching the ball’s progress, they can read some facts about corn printed on the maze’s graphics.

The farm maze game stands about three feet tall — easy for both kids and adults to interact with. The maze itself is mounted on gas springs that respond quickly to pressure.

To see more of the specs for this game, check out the page about it in our catalog.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for South Carolina Farm Bureau.

  • Tiltable platform with maze
  • Graphic with corn facts

Client: South Carolina Farm Bureau

Categories: Ag Museums, Agricultural Display, Cash Crops, Corn, Farm Bureaus, Interactive Exhibit, Learning Games, Portable Exhibit

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