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Anatomy of Modern Ag Workers Interactive Display
Modern Ag Worker Interactive Display 03

Farming in the United States has changed drastically since the good old days of log cabins and horse-drawn plows. But there still seems to be an unfortunate stereotype of old, undereducated, and dirty farm workers hanging around. In reality, though, modern ag workers often have to gain highly technical skills and receive specialized training in order to run a successful farming operation.

This interactive series of signs in the Genesee County Farm Bureau’s mobile exhibit trailer teaches the public about the various character qualities and abilities that modern agriculture requires of farmers. They have many different roles and have to gain a large number of skills in science and technology in order to run a successful farm.

In this wall-mounted display, visitors can stand face-to-face with life-sized images of modern farmers. By lifting panels in the display, they can read about the various skills and tools that agricultural workers of today use on a regular basis. This includes high-tech tools such as smart phones and drones.

We also made a free-standing version of this display. Check it out in our catalog.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Genesee County Farm Bureau’s “Ag On the Move” trailer.

  • Wall-mounted signs
  • Colorful images
  • Lift Panels

Client: Genesee County Farm Bureau

Categories: Ag Careers, Agricultural Display, Crop Production, Exhibit Trailer, Farm Bureau Display, Interactive Exhibit

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