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Agricultural Statistics Display and Monitor
An agricultural display with statistics about Michigan agriculture.

There are some incredible statistics behind the agricultural industry in every state. The Genesee County Farm Bureau wanted to share some agricultural statistics (namely, the stats for their home state of Michigan) with the visitors to their mobile exhibit trailer. Their agricultural statistics display teaches visitors some fun facts about farming and food production in Michigan.

The display consists of a simple monitor and some bright green buttons. A sign around the monitor introduces the concept behind the exhibit with the title “Michigan Ag by the Numbers.” The buttons sit in a dashboard below the sign and monitor. When visitors push the buttons, agricultural statistics and fun facts appear on the monitor.

If you’re looking for a way to connect people to local agriculture, stats like these can be a great place to start. They help people appreciate the productivity of their state’s farmers. And they can also give a glimpse into the economics of farming, which most consumers never think about.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Genesee County Farm Bureau’s “Ag On the Move” trailer.

  • Wall mount
  • Small monitor
  • Lit buttons
  • Graphics

Client: Genesee County Farm Bureau

Categories: Ag Colleges, Ag Economics, Agricultural Display, Exhibit Trailer, Farm Bureaus, Interactive Exhibit

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